The Classics Sharpeners

The Classics Pencil Sharpeners
The Classics Pencil Sharpeners
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We've added to our current sharpener options and now we are proud to offer a whole line of high quality sharpeners, functional for a variety of different tasks. For all your sharpener needs, look to All the Write News.

2-Hole Metal Pencil Sharpener
This classic two-hole metal pencil sharpener is made out of aluminum. It fits both regular size pencils and wider primary pencils. Great for schools, home or office.
 Wedge Sharpener (Single Hole)
This classic sharpener has a stainless blade and a plastic casing to catch pencil shavings.
Rectangle Sharpener (Double Hole)
This two hole sharpener has stainless steel blades and a translucent plastic casing to catch your pencil shavings.